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Free Webpages for Personal Trainers - FAQ

Why do I need a webpage?
A webpage will greatly help you market and promote your personal training. The next time you meet someone interested in your services, you can refer them to your page. It can include important aspects about your training services such as: your approach, credentials and areas of specialization, testimonials from a happy client, your contact information, photos and more.
What about my web address and how will people find my page?
Your webpage will be part of our fitness portal. If your name is Joe Smith, your address can be You choose the webpage address when you sign up. We’re pretty proud of our catchy domain name. You can be part of it.
What’s the difference between having a webpage and having my own site?
Several things starting with the cost. Prices of web sites can vary greatly, and can easily run over $1,000 and up. Additionally, there are ongoing fees. Our service is free. Web sites are typically more than one page, but a personal trainer can easily describe their services on one. We’ve designed the page so that you can convey your services succinctly and in an organized manor. Less is sometimes more.
I’m not great with computers, is the webpage easy to make?
Yes. The webpage builder is simple to use and was designed for non-technical people.
How much does it cost?
Zero. Zip. Not a cent.
Can I change the text and photos on my webpage?
Yes. We have an easy-to-use editor so that you can make changes whenever you’d like. Just log onto your account. It’s simple.
Who will write the information for my webpage?
We’ll show you some examples, we’ve organized the page for you, but you have to write about your own training approach and services.
What about business cards, so I can hand out my new web address?
We don’t offer that service. Check out, where you can get free business cards.
What's the easiest way to spread the word about my new webpage?
When you are at your webpage, on the File menu, point to Send, and then click Link by Email. Complete the mail message window, and then send the message. You must have an email account and an email program set up on your computer.
What should I do if I forget my webpage address?
Sign in into your account using your email address and password. In "My account" section you will find your webpage address.
How can you provide webpages for free?
Our site is supported by advertisers. Additionally, there is a banner on the webpages linking to the PhysicalFitnet exercise library.
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