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What should my percent of body fat be? What's healthy and what's not?
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Video Transcription:
A good percentage of body fat to have as a female is around 17-19%. For men a very healthy body fat percentage would be around 10-12%. A minimal amount for women is 8% - meaning that we can't have women who are living and functioning around 7% that usually wouldn't happen so usually when we have women who are extremely lean such as women bodybuilders, women gymnasts, they are probably around 9%. When we have men bodybuilders, who are extremely lean, we tend to see them around 3% maybe 4%. We will not see men below 3%. We need to have a minimal amount of body fat on our bodies to help us with nervous impulses, with carrying vitamins, with protection of our joints, with running messages between organs. So there is a necessity of having body fat in our bodies but it would be totally impossible to have no body fat at all. We have averages but they change every year and, unfortunately, they get worse. So, at one time, it used to be about 26%, but these days average women in this country tend to be 28-29% body fat. Average male tends to be about 17% body fat, but those are numbers that have changed. I mean a few years back I used to say 15% for men, but now it's about 17%. So, again like you've reading like everyone else has, we are living in a much fatter society.
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