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What kind of strength training is safe and effective for tweens?
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Video Transcription:
There's been a lot of misinformation over the last 10-15 years, maybe longer - very conservative thinking about what youths adolescents can do with weights - they shouldn't be doing weights, should they be doing weights? And looking at the way this research has been performed over the last 10 years, kids are very very resilient. They have no issues with lifting weights, doing weight routines as long as they are fully supervised by an adult who is fully understanding about using and lifting weights. So kids can use any kind of weight device as long as it fits them well. There are kid machines these days for selectorized machines. Again if you don't have those, anything dealing with free weights are fine. It used to be thought that it could stunt their growth and that it might affect their growth plate and that's not true. So even today there are a lot of parents, a lot coaches, a lot of physicians pediatricians who would think that lifting weights, lifting heavy weights is extremely dangerous for kids and that's not true. So all I would say is, they have to be fully supervised. At the same time if you want to side on the error of caution, they shouldn't be doing maximal lifts. Maximal lift is they are tying to achieve a one repetition maximum. They're trying to see how strong they are for certain lifts. Could they get away with it? Absolutely. Is it going hurt them in anyway? As long as they have spotters, an adult who is making sure that they are doing it correctly then there is no harm with children, or youths or pre-teenagers lifting weights.
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