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What kind of strength training is safe and effective for seniors
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Video Transcription:
As long as we have older adults, and I'll deem those over the age of 55, who are relatively healthy, they don't have any bone or joint disorders; they are able to do any kind of weight training as younger adults or even teenagers believe it or not. So we have great studies coming out where we have senior adults that are relatively healthy, and what I consider relatively healthy are people that not on medications effecting their heart rate their, blood pressure, effecting other areas of their metabolism and they are able to have free range of motion without any kind of difficulties. And they have been checked out by their physician to make sure that they are extremely low risk for any kind of degenerative type joint exercise may it be lower back, may it be shoulders, may it be knees, may it be hips, and those are the areas we tend to see some degeneration of older adults, especially those who really haven't taken the time to maintain certain types of functionality of those joints. And so with that in mind they can do relatively anything that a younger adult can do.
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