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What kind of strength training is safe and effective for pregnant women?
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Video Transcription:
Things have changed over the last several years regarding strength training and pregnancy and to this day even though there are some researchers out there who have some documentation and studies showing how different types of strength training can be effective with soon-to-be mothers, I tend to err on the side of caution where they ought to be still using moderate to light weights. They ought to be supported either through a machine, or maybe very light type weights where they can handle without being on their back, without putting any kind of compression on their spine, without having to place a whole lot of emphasis upon standing or gravitation forces. So if they could be in a seated position, if somehow they could be in a supported machine, if they could be in proper alignment where, again, it's not putting any kind of undue pressure upon the spine, the lower back, upon the abdominal girth, then women in their second and third trimester can still perform resistance exercises. They can, even though it was contra indicated รป meaning it was against that 15-20 years ago. Things have now changed. I would probably side on the error of caution with doing certain types of cardiovascular exercises as long as they monitor their heart rate. But we do have women out there who will be running up until the day they deliver, but that tends to be extremely on the aversive side and I really truly won't recommend that.
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