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What kind of strength training is safe and effective for new moms during the first 6 weeks of post partum?
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I probably would not advocate any kind of real true strength training - maybe muscular endurance training, not working on the strength. So I would really push more of toning, the high repetitions, the lowering of the weights, probably in that period of the second or third week, versus going towards more of a strength training routine. Maybe after the sixth week I think they would be fine with the strength training routine. Strength training, post natal, muscular endurance What kind of strength training is safe and effective for new moms past the post partum period of 6 weeks? 23b New moms, past the post partum period of 6 weeks, I would say that they are able to do truly anything that any female can do. I would be cautious about those women who maybe had C-sections, as long as they get checked out by their OBGYN, making sure that if they had a C-section and they are okay to have exertion upon the lower extremities, then it would be fine. But that would be probably the only cautionary note that I would make. But anyone else who had normal vaginal deliveries they should be fine with doing any kind or form of strength training as long as they are able to get a clear clearance from their physician.
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