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What is the best way to work my core?
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Video Transcription:
If you were going to ask me, what in my opinion, is the best core exercise for you, I would say walking up stairs. And people would probably be flabbergasted to figure out that's actually core body stability work? Absolutely. You're working coordination, you're working balance, you're working flexibility. You're actually working abdominals. You might not be bending at the spine, doing a sit up or some kind of major type of abdominal type of workout, where the abs truly get worn. But you are working abdominals as you walk up the stairs, because, again, it takes a lot of work for your abdominals to maintain the leg lifting. And that's a lot leg lifting. So instead of just going on the ground and doing abdominal exercises, you'd probably get more caloric burning and probably a little more caloric expenditure through fat utilization if we start walking steps for longer period of time versus doing maybe 30 seconds of situps, getting them overly fatigued thinking you just worked the core.
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