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What is periodization and why is it important for training?
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Video Transcription:
Periodization refers to breaking up your training into segments over time. So if you're looking at your training over a year, over several months, you want to have specific sections set up for certain type of training. So, for an example, you can set up 6 to 12 weeks, for strength training. Then you can go into another section after that, you can go into a balance, agility training, and then you can break it up into another. But what it is, is, it prevents you from hitting plateaus by constantly changing your training. A lot of times this is done if you have a specific goal that you're getting ready for. If you have an athletic event, then you want to time these cycles so that they're set up so that you're at your best shape for the time of the event. You can set this up for someone that wants to look good for a wedding also. So it doesn't have to be a sporting event. But you just coordinate the cycles to have the person peaking at a certain time. But you can use it a little simpler. You can use it just by changing your training frequently. So you can change it every month, and do something different - different goal of your training each month. I would recommend if you are getting ready for something specific and you wanted to peak on a certain day to consult a fitness professional, but you can use it in a simple way and it's just to keep your training changing. Ideally it would be easier for you to change it every month or so but there is not a reason why you could switch it up every every couple of weeks if you really wanted to.
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