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What is core training?
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Video Transcription:
Core deals with your center of gravity and it's been around for many, many years. A lot of people think it's another term for abdominal workouts and its not. However, core deals with not just your abdominals. It deals with your back portion of the spine called your spinal erectors. It deals with the gluteus maximus, which is your buttox. It deals with your hamstrings, the upper thighs, that we call the quadriceps, as well as the sides, which are the love handles, which are the intercostals, as well as the obliques. That's more of your core. To work your core, we need more than just the situps and the leg lifts. What we need to be doing is actually bending down and squatting, lunging. That's true core. Your abs really don't have to do any type of flexion that actually gets a good balance in that area. What you really need to do is to make sure that you truly work more the lower limb area, because the rest of the time, the spine will maintain itself, because it usually does. And it works as a stabilitating, or more of support factor, where, in this case, it's going help you keep everything aligned and make sure that the abdominals are working in conjunction with the rest of the body for you to do your activities. So, core exercise is really nothing new. As long as you have a well rounded exercise program, you're going to work something called the core.
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