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I've been training a while, what are some advanced techniques that I can do?
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Video Transcription:
If you have been training for a while and you've only been doing basic techniques, then you can gradually start to introduce some balance and stability type work. Depending on what you've done so far, you can also add in a little bit more complex training. That's where you combine two exercises at the same time. More advanced than that is some of your Olympic style lifting, which you really won't attempt unless you have a really strong base. And then you can start to attempt some of the easier lifts, such as push press, it would be one of the first one you can start with the Olympic style lifts. If you're not ready for that just yet, you can simply take some of the exercises you're already comfortable with, and try a slightly lighter weight and try to speed them up a little bit. So this is another way to make this exercise a little more advanced. Another way to start to get into a little bit more advanced program is to add in pyramids. That is where you can start with relatively light weight. And on your next set you increase it a little bit. And in your next set after that increase it a little bit more. And you have the option, your third set, you can increase it a little bit more. And then you back off a little bit, then you come down the pyramid. So, you're increasing the weights as you go up the pyramid and then you're decreasing as you're coming down. It's very good for training results, because what is does is it varies the load that you're using and it does it within the workout. So it gives your body a lot of different weights to use. So there's also a drop set. For a drop set you would use your normal set that your using that day whether you're doing 3 sets, 4 sets or 5 sets, but on your last set when you did as many reps as you possibly could, you'd immediately lower the weight a little bit proximately 10%. Then you would do as many reps as you can do again until you can't do more and then you drop the weight a little bit more. And you can continue doing this 4 or 5 times. You can do it until you have just the barbell by itself left. And that's a drop set. That is an advanced training technique. Usually it is going to make someone very sore, so you wouldn't want to start that unless you've been already comfortable with a weight training program. Super set is another advanced training technique you can do. That's where you take 2 exercises of different muscle groups and you do them back to back, one after the other. A compound set is similar to a super set, except it's done with 2 of the same muscle groups. So if you did bicep curl and then right after that you did a hammer curl. That would be a compound set: 2 of the same muscle groups, one right after another. So that is another advance training technique. Negative is when you are lowering the weight as slow as you can. So in a barbell bench press, you can use a weight that you normally can't even press for 1 rep. And you're going to lower it as slow as you can to your body. You're going to need a very good spotter if not 2 spotters for this type of training. And the point of this is is just to use as much muscle as you can to lower the weight as opposed to pressing it back up. Each time you come back down, you're going to have the spotters help you lift the weight back up again and then you going to lower it. It's one of the most effective ways to get sore, but again this is very advanced training. It should only be done by someone that's been training for a long period of time. When you get sore is when you build muscle. Most of the time, you get sore on the negative part of the exercise. So it's not usually the pressing phase that gets you sore. It's usually when you're lowering the weight, which builds muscle. Advantages of these techniques are as someone becomes accustomed to weight training program and their body develops certain amount of strength, what happens is they need more difficult ways to challenge their muscles. So this wouldn't be a good idea to do with someone that just got started. But someone that has tried a lot of different things and their muscles are kind of getting used to that right now, they need something like that. You could go into these advanced training techniques for a specific period of time; a cycle. And then you can switch back into a basic program for another cycle. So you can also cycle this advances training techniques. These are not something that you can do all the time. You're going to need to recover a lot more from using most of these training techniques.
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