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It seems like some fitness methods and concepts come and go. Are they cyclical?
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Video Transcription:
Historically, if we look at fitness itself, its extremely cyclical meaning that whatever comes around it may fade away based upon how things are there to make money and interest as well as trendiness. Things are always going to come back. So we have lots of things that at one time were highly popular. But yeah we tend to see cyclical things and I think it's a necessity. I think that within life and if you're a firm believer how nature works, things are going revolve in circles. 1918-1919 Joseph Pilates came from Germany and he developed this so called group exercise routine in his medical clinic and you did these little resistive exercises on these archaic machines which now are û where they modified them and now they call them different type of Pilates. But your average person would have no clue that's been around since the early 1900s. They think that maybe it was a 1990 concept. Another thing, medicine ball training, extremely popular with group exercises in clubs and things like that. It's been around also since the 1915s and the 1920s so that's another thing that's extremely popular these days. Another popular thing these days is the kettlebell training; extremely popular, it was really hot in the 1920s and 30s, especially with strong men back in the Soviet Union, and now is extremely û a hot thing in certain clubs, in certain types of health spas where you pay lots and lots of money to learn, what you consider. a new type of fitness routine, but it really isn't.
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