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Is the sequence that I do the exercise in important and why?
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Video Transcription:
Sequence is very important for weight training. What you want to do in almost every situation is you want to start out with your multi-joint exercises first. So that would be your bench presses, your squats, your shoulder presses, your lat pull downs. These are exercises where more than one joint is moving. Your shoulder and your elbow are both moving in a pull down or a bench press and with a squat you're using your hip joint and your knee joint and your ankle so you want to start with these first because you're getting the most muscle involved. Then you can move on to your single joint exercises. Your leg extension, your leg curl, your bicep curls. These you're isolating a little bit more and you're only using one joint so if you were to start out with one of those your bicep if you start out with a bicep curl your bicep could be very fatigued and then if you were to move on to a lat pulldown you may not be able to pull as much weight because your biceps are fatigued. And then you're not going to be able to fatigue your lats. So in most cases it makes more sense. Occasionally if you're a body builder that's trying to target a specific muscle then you can sometimes start out the other way this is with someone that's advanced and this is a little bit less common. For the majority of most people you're much better off starting with the multi joints and then moving on to your single joints.
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