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Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?
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Video Transcription:
It is possible as long as you follow a moderate dietary intake as well as a positive workout or what we call a negative caloric expenditure. It's a common phenomenon that when people begin [exercising] for the very first time that the concept of weight is to the point where a lot of people are unknowingly losing body fat and gaining muscle. Therefore a lot of times on the scale it appears that they haven't lost or gained anything. Many times people are going to be misconstrued about their fitness performance or their possible fitness accomplishments based upon the number that actually appears on a weight scale. However if you were to take a measuring tape and actually measure your body circumference you would see a reduction in certain types of girths all over your body based upon your exercise performance. So, yes, it is possible to lose body fat as you gain muscle.
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