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In order to improve my fitness, is it necessary to monitor my heart rate?
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Video Transcription:
Monitoring your heart rate is another popular method of trying to obtain the maximal results of cardiovascular training. For beginners as well as fitness enthusiasts monitoring the heart rate is a good indication of allowing you to train within a zone that you're not over working the heart and possibly not causing any overuse injuries. However for the elite athletes, or, maybe, the ultra-endurance athletes really monitoring your heart rate in a training conditioning zone is going to be extremely difficult because by then your heart is so efficient that by training at a zone you're probably going to exceed the zone even to get additional benefits. For the average to the fitness enthusiast monitoring it [heart rate] around 70-85% of your maximal heart rate, which we consider 220 minus your age, and taking that percentage would be the best indication of getting an overall great cardiovascular workout, which is really going to keep your heart, your lungs [and] your circulatory system as efficient as possible.
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