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I'm lifting heavy weights, but having trouble putting on size; could my cardio sessions affect that?
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What we tend to see, through of use of a metabolic card, is activities longer than an hour: long distance running, long distance cycling, [that] we can actually burn off muscle tissue. So it sometimes becomes counter productive when we have people who want to get some bulk in certain areas, but, yet, again, whatever bulk they have they'll use because they're on the stairmaster for over an hour and a half; they're on a stairstepper for an hour and a half. And they don't realize that usually at around the hour time they'll switch to a different fuel system and we'll go from a majority of maybe some fat storage and some carbs and we'll now start saving on some of the carbs and the fat and we'll start going with protein because your body thinks it's getting a little excessive. So, therefore, another reason why we look at sports specific athletes, you don't see extremely muscular and bulky long distance runners. You don't see bulky and muscular tri-athletes. You don't see really muscular developed type ultra- endurance type of athletes based upon these fuel systems switching over a period of time.
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