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I'm an old school dumbbell kind of guy and these days I see all sorts of movements and equipment; do I need to update my workouts?
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You don't need to, but there's a lot of variety you can do with just dumbbells. You can vary 1 arm, you can alternate, use different angles with the bench and there's a lot of variety that you can get with that to keep your workout going. I would also recommend as much variety as possible. So there's a lot of ways you can tweak your workout just by trying a couple of different things. A barbell alone can make a big difference on a bench press as oppose to a dumbbell bench press and it recruits the muscles a little differently. So, I recommend as much variety and you don't have to do it every workout. You can workout 2 days a week with your dumbbells and you can try to vary it on another day in the week. So, a little bit of variety goes a long way. The new equipment that they have in gyms are very good. You can challenge your balance. I would recommend if you got into it, to get into it gradually. You can still keep the heart of your program without dumbbells and you can gradually add in just a little bit, because, they're in the gym for a reason. And they can give you a great amount of variety even if you just decide to take on one of those pieces. Variety will help you from plateauing. So you will be able to break up the workout even more when you introduce more sources, especially if you have them available to you in a gym.
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