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I sit at a desk all day. How can I train to improve my posture?
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Video Transcription:
Because we have shoulders that are coming forward; because we sit at desks for long periods of time, what we need to do is we need to do more exercises that would help bring the shoulders back so exercises you can do would be rear shoulder row, you can do rear shoulder flys these muscles are going to help bring your shoulders back. For most people that have these rounded shoulders you can pretty much double up at least so you can do twice as many exercises than, you're doing for the chest, for your rear shoulders. Most people do the opposite of that and when you walk around gyms and health clubs there's almost always a bench press in use but you can almost always get yourself onto a t-bar row there's not usually a line to get into that so we do you know the opposite of what would help us out. You look in the mirror and this is what we call the mirror muscles and everybody wants to train the muscles that you see when you look at yourself in the mirror so same thing as biceps, chest, abs these we see right away when we look in a mirror so we want these muscles to be looking good. Not too many people wake up in the morning and say I want to get to the gym and get my rear shoulders stronger. Or your lower back, these are not things you're going to see too much and you won't see them looking in the mirror so those you don't have the same drive to do but they're really more important for your posture and these are the ones that are neglected. Another thing that can happen especially if you use a computer monitor is your head can come forward a little bit and the muscles in the back of your head are becoming stretched and weakened while the muscles in front our your neck are becoming tightened and they're becoming a little stronger. You can do supermans, also called superwomans, so this is where you lie on your stomach and you lift your arms and legs up as high as you can and this is going to strengthen the muscles that are in the back of your neck.
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