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I never vary my exercises, is that bad?
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Video Transcription:
Yes, that's very bad, but very common also. A lot of people come in and can just name every exercise that they do because it's the same thing they've done every workout for a year. So, it's not a good thing, especially when the weights are the same, the reps are the same, and number of sets are the same. So whenever someone does the same thing for too long, they're going to plateau. You want to vary the exercises you're doing definitely. So you want to vary this at least every 6 weeks to change it up a little bit. You can change it up more frequently than that but at minimum 6 weeks, because the body is going to get used to what it's doing. And you want to keep the body adapting. So if the body does the same thing over and over it starts to accommodate and that's when there are no longer adaptations happening in the body. Variation is excellent. If you are doing an exercise with one arm, when you normally do with both arms then that's different for your brain, so when the brain has a new situation where it has to adapt to, you're going to help to break the plateau. So it can be a subtle change or it can be doing a totally different exercise. But anything as far as changing your grip on an exercise to doing with one arm, changing the angle a little bit, changing the weights, all these things will help you from plateauing.
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