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I hear so much about carbs being evil, is that true?
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Video Transcription:
I would say definitely not, carbs are not evil. Carbohydrates provide our body with energy. However, there are different types of carbohydrates and some of are definitely better than others. Carbohydrates include fruits and vegetables, which absolutely everyone should eat lots of. They provide our body with fiber, provide our body with vitamins and minerals that are important to prevent disease and enhance our immune system. You're probably thinking of, what I call, the fluffy carbs, like pasta and rice and bread. If you choose the better forms, the high fiber forms, such as brown rice - - instead of white rice, or whole wheat pasta instead of white and you eat the portion that you're supposed to be eating to meet your daily requirements then they're not bad. In fact not eating enough carbohydrate can result in muscle loss, and prevents your body from actually metabolizing stored fat, because you're not going to have the energy to actually exercise the intensity that you need to achieve your goals.
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