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I hear it's all about protein for building muscle, it that true?
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Video Transcription:
It's actually not true. Most people think that the more protein they eat the more muscle they'll build. But it's actually how you work your muscles that determine how much muscle you'll actually gain. You need to really consume enough carbohydrates to provide your muscle with energy so you're able to workout at a higher intensity to build muscle. Eating too much protein could definitely dehydrate your body and also convert into body fat. Any excess calories from protein will also be converted into fat. So eating too much protein, eating more that your daily requirements, are not of benefit. If you're on a really high protein diet and you don't consume enough calories from carbohydrates, your muscles starts to deplete their glycogen stores, which is a stored form of carbohydrate. And if your body starts to do that, you're just not going to have the energy to workout at a higher intensity that stimulates muscle growth.
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