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For a shot of motivation, can you remind me of the main benefits of strength training?
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Video Transcription:
The main benefits of strength training, the first most positive benefit of strength training is it will increase that metabolism that people want elevated. And so the caloric expenditure per day, which is going to lead to the ability to generate more loss of body fat is probably one of the best benefits that strength training can do. And a lot of folks still don't know about it. The most obvious one is, of course, the improving of physique. That's what most people actually want in strength training is the physique. Of course people, who don't think physique is worth working on, I would probably switch that towards posture. I put that in the roll of physique is posture. People take it for granted that poor posture is just an aspect of aging and that's not necessary true. It's just that when musculature is not being used and not being worked, then like any other type of gravitational concept, its going to drop lower and lower and lower. And that's what we tend to see with most of the elderly people based upon the atrophy or the shrinkage of the muscle tissue. And then the third one is the ability to alter your mood. We tend to see that people tend to be a lot happier when they feel better. We have people who have arthritis, people who have other types of joint disorders and when do a proper strength program and it causes the ability added protection and the ability to take away some of these pain aspects upon the nerves, we tend to see people with osteoporosis as well osteoarthritis do the strength training and you would think that would further impact or maybe make some of the pain factors worse, but if done correctly and under the right supervision, it actually improves, not just the outlook upon life, but also improves the output upon physical performance as well as the overall factors of improving just movement in itself, just the range of motion in terms of flexibility. So can muscular development actually increase flexibility? Absolutely. So those are some major benefits of strength training that maybe some people are not thinking about that can really aid in terms of overall functioning.
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