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Does exercise slow the aging process?
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Video Transcription:
You would be amazed if you were to go to maybe a regional bodybuilder contest and see 70 and 80 year old bodybuilders, who still have very good tone and definition, low amounts of body fat and good range of motion. They are just normal. They just happened to adapt a very healthy life style. And they happen to watch what they eat. They happen to train at higher intensities than what most older people would want to train at. And that's still extremely, I would say, unacceptable right now for even most exercise scientists. They don't want older people training aggressively and training very intensely. This is probably going to be the new theme in the next 10-15 years, where we're going to see more and more studies showing that older people can train extremely intensely. They can train extremely with short bouts and high intensity and heavy lifts and still get some great overall effects from that. It's just that, they have to be a little more cautious than, of course, the younger person who's maybe doing a very similar routine. But we're probably going to see more and more of these type of implementations for older senior fitness involved, because, again, more and more studies are coming out there where showing that it's going to improve their exercise metabolism, its going show that, again, its going improve their reaction time, its going to improve their coordination and their balance, and its going to give them overall probably feeling of wellness and positive self esteem. Because they still think sharp and they still can react quicker than possibly someone who's not doing a physical workout routine.
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