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Do lower intensity workouts burn more fat than higher intensity ones?
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Video Transcription:
If you want to burn the most amount of fat in a short period of time my advice would be to actually do more high intensity work. So unlike popular belief where we have to use these fat burning modes [lower intensity] on machines or these fat burning modes on physical fitness videos or DVDs, what we find out is that we have an extra added benefit if we increase the intensity of our workouts and we get our fat burning after what we call post-exercise workouts. So when your elevated metabolism is dropping down over the next six to eight hours based upon a high intensity workout, you can get additional effects of fat burning and that's how most fitness enthusiasts such as bodybuilders actually lose their body fat because their not doing the low intensity workout on their weight training. I would encourage people, maybe, to do a little bit of both where there is some low intensity workouts throughout the week and there is some high intensity workouts throughout the week to make sure we're getting the benefit of both systems.
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