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Can I do specific exercises to lose fat in a certain area?
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Generally, what we tend to see bio chemically is that when we're trying to use up body fat, it's very very difficult for the body to take it at a specific site. So a good general example of this is when someone starts to do some running or do some brisk walking, most women, not always, but most women, will start losing fat around the neck, around the cheek bones, around maybe the shoulders, before it even even touches, aspects, what they would think of legs - as it is a leg motion. Most women think that it will affect the legs. Not necessarily. So, based upon that and how the body works we tend to say that there is not such thing as spot reduction. So the best thing that I would advocate is a combination program where we are working caloric burning, as well as, strength. So as we are losing at certain areas, we are also showing a little bit of hypertrophy, or increase, or tone and definition of that muscle cell or cells, so we are seeing a little bit of definition improving on those body parts that people want to see. So, if it's the arms, and people are complaining that their arms are soft, or they're not really toned, should they specifically be working on just arm exercises? I would say you need a combination of both, which is working a little bit of muscular development through some toning or some strength training of arm exercises as well as a very moderate cardiovascular fitness program to accentuate some of the metabolism of the fat loss.
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