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Are there any special diet tips to recommend for fat loss? What works?
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To lose body fat and/or improve your body composition, key thing to know is to eat small frequent meals. Eating every 2 to 3 hours, again, keeps the metabolism up, encourages your body not to store fat. Now it is important to pick the right types of fats, the right types of carbohydrates and to get adequate protein in these mini meals. Essential fats omega three and omega sixes, they're found in fatty fish, nuts, different monounsaturated fats - fresh water fish. And these fats actually help other fats in your body metabolize. So a person with high cholesterol can actually lower their cholesterol by getting adequate essential fatty acids in their diet. So by choosing the right types of fats, you can definitely improve your body composition. Making sure that each of those meals contain complex carbs, the fruits and vegetables, versus the fluffy white carbs like rice and pasta the best way to determine how many calories and how many grams of protein carbs and, what fats you need is to see a health care professional or a dietician. Getting adequate sleep definitely helps keep your metabolism up. Getting less than 8 hours or 7 hours of sleep at night does shift certain hormones. If you have the luxury of taking a nap in the afternoon that can actually help your body burning fat during the day. Another thing is to stay well hydrated. When you're dehydrated your metabolism slows down automatically. Water is needed for every function in the body and specially for metabolising fat. So getting, drinking enough water, getting enough rest, eating small frequent meals, can definitely improve your body composition.
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