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About Our Board of Advisors

Dr. Andrew Shim, Fitness Advisor

Dr. Shim has been involved with the fitness industry by consulting with major companies, magazines, and fitness organizations nation-wide. He still competes in strength and muscular endurance contests and currently performs research in the area of strength, flexibility, and metabolism at Dakota State University.

Dr. Wayne Westcott, Fitness Advisor

Dr. Westcott has conducted numerous research studies, published hundreds of professional articles and authored 22 books in the area of strength training. He has also written chapters in the NSCA and ACE Certification Textbooks, and authored the fitness textbook for the U.S. Navy. Dr. Westcott has received the IDEA Lifetime Achievement Award and the Penn State University Alumni Recognition Award for his work in fitness.

Susan R. Cohen, Communications and Public Relations Advisor

Susan R. Cohen has been a marketing communications specialist for more than 25 years, specializing in healthcare and wellness public relations. She has been working with industry leaders in the pharmaceutical, medical, and nutritional supplement arenas, as well as with national health organizations and top healthcare public relations firms. She is also a certified health coach and yoga instructor and therapist. Susan is highly committed to integrated health and well-being, incorporating nutrition, proper healthcare, and of course fitness into our everyday lives.

Barbara Weisfeld, Market Research Advisor

Barbara Weisfeld is a market research and strategic marketing professional with extensive experience in behavioral and qualitative research, word-of-mouth marketing, branding and consulting small businesses. Barbara has a degree in business management and marketing from Cornell University. Barbara is highly committed to her fitness and is an avid exerciser.
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